UPB switch decision help


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So, I've finally got enough SAI universal transceivers to have 4,6, or 8-button keypads in all the places that I need them. What I need to do now is put single-rocker switches on the rest of the lights around the house (a dozen or more switches). Obviously, I'd like to avoid the cost of universal transceivers, so I was hoping to get other people's inputs on the single rockers available:

HAI UPB 600W Non-dimming switch (model 35A00-3; $59.99 on AutomatedOutlet)
SAI UPB 900W single switch (model US1130; $67.95 on AutomatedOutlet)
PCS UPB 600W Dimmer (model WS1D-6; no price on AutomatedOutlet)

Obviously, the HAI switches are the cheapest, but is there any reason I shouldn't go with those? Anyone have experience with more than 1 of these brands?


I have used all of the UPB switches. From a purely functional standpoint, they all work and interoperate fine. Most people have aesthetic issues to deal with. If you use the LEDs and you want them to match you should stick with the SAI US240s. If the LED (color, brightness and size) is not an issue, see if you can get the older SAI 1130s from Fry's. They are branded HAL and are $35.

If you want a consistent look of the LED and a consistent feel of the switches, stick with the SAI's. The HAI have a distinctly different feel and sound. The PCS's are the most expensive of the bunch.

My personal order of preference, all things considered, are: SAI US240, PCS, HAI.

On my first install with UPB I went with PCS because I had excellent experience with their X10 scenemaster switches( Hundreds with under 5 returns)
They are the most expensive at a little over $100 retail, however of the 50 used in this last install I only had a problem with one and I found it as soon as I turned on the power(before putting the switch in the wall.)

The warranty on PCS switches is 5 years. Take that for what it is worth.

I mixed PCS WS1's with one SA US240 at nearly every switch plate. I was concerned with the difference in the look(not color) of the LEDs. The owner only said all the same color would be nice.

With UPStart I made all switches have solid green LEDs (except for a few remote switches) The solid green on every switch looks good around the house.

Good luck