UPB Wall switch and non-upb slave


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can this work with one UPB and the slave for a 3-way not UPB or should I just wait to get my slaves? <_<

Yes! I have talked to Simply Automated Staff and they have confermed that slave switches that worked for x10 will work with UPB switches. I had this same question when I noticed that the UPB slave switches looked just like some SmartHome switches I had.
I do not have experience with ALL slave switches so I can't say that all of them will but, I saved some money using SmartHome swithes.
There was one warning from SA: You must reverse the black and white wires on a slave when it is working with a SA master. It will not hurt anything if it is wired up white to white/black to black... it just will not work.
Just to repeat, wire the slave black to white and white to black if you are connecting to a SA master.
Good luck
Isn't the slave just a "switch"? Is it momentary? If so, then there shouldn't be a reason why a 110 volt "switch" won't work. I don't think there are any active electronics in a slave. Haven't looked at one in a long while, so don't take this as gospel, but If it were me, I would look before throwing out a bunch of switches. Of course the wiring will be different than when wired to a loaded 110 volt line.
Isn't the slave just a "switch"? Is it momentary? If so, then there shouldn't be a reason why a 110 volt "switch" won't work.

No. There is no such thing as a "slave" 110V switch. Three and four way 110V switches are just multiple pole mechanical switches. No electronics, and not momentary contact.

Once you get into switches with built-in intelligence (ie higher-end Lutron dimmers, X10, Insteon, UPB, etc), then you start getting into master/slave switches.
My recollection of a slave X10 switch was it was just a momentary contact switch with no electronics. Probably was switching 110 volts, but might have only been small current (just enough for the master to "hear" the contact). Am I dreaming or remembering?
Possibly. The higher end switches have a distinct up and down though, so they've got to have more than a single momentary. I'll have to see if I've got one in the junk box (by definition the home of ANYTHING from X10) and open it up.

My point though was that the run-of-the-mill 3-way switch you pickup at HD is not a "slave" switch and will not work as one.
i just did a bench test on this, using an HAI 35A00-1 and a smarthome 2382. it seems to work perfectly, however, if the leads are reversed it does not work. so wired in a standard configuration it works perfectly. :D

Thankyou for bench testing my suggestion and conferming that it works. The reverse wiring on the slave statement is only for Simply-Automated Masters. (Per Simply Automated Staff) It has to do with the master seeing a high or a low from the slave.

I just finished the rewire of one of my dead switchlinc switches. I switched to the HAI UPB and it worked great.

I am still using the switchlinc slaves. I did not have to touch any of the wiring for the slaves

Thanks for the tip and the bench test