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For those that are interested, here is a sample of an UPStart file from my first UPB install in 2006; An install of over 100 UPB devices. This is a 10,000 sqft home with many loads in each room. I wanted to set up scene control in each room so I used a US240 with top rocker and four buttons. The other switches in each room were PCS. I set up 3 scenes and an off for each room. At the entrances to the home I added US240s configured with 8 buttons to control whole house scenes or outside lighting control. The home has no central controller; just a few timers on a PCS timer module and a few more timers on a Simply Automated timer/scheduler. The entertainment area is controlled by a Pronto that can also control the lighting scenes.

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Cocoontech does not allow certain file types to be stored in the system. This file has been changed to a text file. Just follow the Special Instructions below...



Right click on link; Select "Save target as" ; Change "Save as type" to "All files"; Add ".upb" to file name; This will change the text file to a upb file that UPStart will recognize.


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