USB Connection


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My Leopard I is connected to my Homeseer PC via a serial to USB adaptor. I am finding that the connection isn't alway initiated during the Homeseer startup. I shut down Homeseer, start up CPUXA and the connection cannot be made either. I pull out the USB connection from the back of my PC, wait a sec and re-connect it. When I try to reconnect with the CPUXA software it finds the version number and starts the connection. After I close down the CPUXA software and re-start Homeseer, everything is fine.

Any ideas? Should I just trash the serial to USB adaptor and go serial to serial? I do have an extra serial port on the back of my PC, I just really don't want to invest in a 16' long serial cable- Now that I am typing this, is the fact that my USB extension cable is 16' create a problem?

16ft is really pushing it, and if I am not mistaken, low speed devices have a much lower distance limit, so I would assume that 's part of the problem. My Ocelot is hooked up to a RocketPort serial port hub, which connects to my system using 1 USB connection, and I have no problems. If you really want to do a long run, just buy several regular size serial port extension cables (i.e. 6ft) instead of buying the expensive 16ft one, which are harder to find. That's what I did with my mr26a/w800rf receiver, and it works great.