Using Homeseer to start your car


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I finally did it, check some of the pics out:





mousetrap? ouch lol, I know it looks strange, it's made from scrapwood, I want to do some daily testing (for now, the house starts the car at 6:45) before picking a good and nice looking design, this is still in beta ;) I just hope that X10 will be reliable enough, since if the appliance module isn't turned off within seconds, the solenoid will burn out, so far no problems.
Are you using a standard appliance module (made by x10)?

It should be OK, just make sure it has a nice clean and strong signal. Knowing you, you're probably also sending some duplicate signals just in case the first one doesn't take...
damn I must be predictable lol, yes I setup an event to turn off the device when an ON is detected for that device (in case of stray signals), and that same event also resends the OFF signal 2 seconds later, and another one 5 seconds later. When HS turns the car on , it also triggers this event, so I am hoping I will be covered. Does Z-Wave have these reliability problems too or is it 100% reliable?