Vizia RF+ Devices Not Sending Their Status to HAI


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Hi there. Not sure how long I've had this problem (possibly forever?) but I can't seem to get my Leviton Vizia RF+ devices (dimmers, switches, etc) to report changes in their status back to my HAI Omnipro II. It seems like the VRC0P is working fine because I can operate the switches remotely via PC Access and Haiku, but I can't seem to get the communication to go in the other direction. Interestingly also, if I have PC Access and Haiku open at the same time and I send a command from one (i.e. dim to 50%), the status is correctly updated on the other.
So, again, to sum up: the only thing that seems to not work at all is the switches sending their statuses when they are manipulated manually.
Any help would be appreciated. I've tried a ton of things like factory resetting the VRC0P, rediscovering the network, re-running the RS232 setup, etc.
I have one Leviton RF+ device, an VRP03 plug-in dimmer. It communicates its status, when operated manually, to VRC0P and from there to Elk.  Here's  a VRC0P trace on the serial port when the local button is pressed(can be seen by connecting the VRC0P to a PC and using putty, for example):
The first line shows the "hail" command and two subsequent lines show the dimmer level, zero. With other RF+ devices, you may see just the status lines without the "hail".
So, I'd check if one can see the status on the VRC0P serial port first and then go from there.