Will the PSP do HA?


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Ok, I don't think I'll be plopping down any of my money for one, but my son might. But I wonder if the PSP (Sony's new PlayStation Portable) will be usable as an HA controller?

I mean, it has BlueTooth, WiFi, IR, etc. etc. etc. Even though it doesn't look like it has a web browser and the screen is pretty small (480x272), what if someone comes up with a PLUG-IN to use it as a controller for your home? Maybe WAP-enabled or something in NetRemote or ????? Cheaper than some other remotes...

Hmmmm.... Maybe I will encourage my son to get one after all...
I am sure it will, someone hacked the web browser already so you can surf to external sites, and J. Rivers released a special edition of Media Center, designed for the PSP.
PSP Garden might has some information on this. I have not looked myself, but this site is pulling PSP news from all over the world, so searching there might be a good place to start.

I think the PSP is Sony's Trojan Horse to dominate the world. The little device seems to do everything.
Thanks for the leads, guys. I ended up getting one a little early for my son's upcoming birthday. He's messing with it now and we've already enabled it through my local WiFi router. If we get any further on it, I'll post more info.

We did find that a game called Wipeout Pure that has a web browser built into the game that you can access. He was a bit upset that the unit has quite a few bad pixels on the screen, but I guess they are all coming that way.
The Wipeout Pure game is what allows you to access any site you want. As for the dead pixels, Sony just announced yesterday that they will replace any unit which has 2 or more dead pixels.