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Yamaha is coming out with a network receiver RX-N600 - 6.1 - about $550. Are there currently any network receivers available that connect to an Ethernet LAN?
Will defintively save money vs. separate components but the quality will not necessarily be the same (as always happens when you mix several components in a sole device).

The real killer application would be (in addition to existing functionality) to have network remote control. Having an application and API that would allow you to integrate all the functions of the receiver into your HA system. That would be cool. You can control the digital sources, and all other receiver selection (including video swithcing) from the PC. I could not find anything about it in the specs that I found about it.
I think it has a lot of potential, especially if there's a hidden control over IP protocol (Yamaha is good at creating really robust control protocols (like for their RS232 controllable equipment) and only releasing them to installers - until it's leaked out to the general public...). Just of that receiver combined with their music cast system and clients all around the house - you;d have a very robust "all hardware" media distro system, albeit at a very high price (approaching/exceeding $10,000 by the time you buy the receiver, musiccast box, clients, and upgrae the musiccast's puny 80GB HDD to something big).

What would tryuly be great is when al lthese @#$!% proprietory systems go away and we can just plug any old thing into our network and have full control of it... A Yammy network recevier will control a sony networked dvd player and a panny TV.. and you can control any of them from your fridge!
DavidL said:
John, That is what a PC is for and HA / HT software :)
Totally. I remember the same thing being said when ODBC first came out; finally, we wouldn't have to learn Oracle vs Sybase vs MS vs ...

So what happened? Dual support. You can use ODBC, but if you really want the power of any given db, you need to go native. After all, that's their competitive advantage, and why an installer would go with yamaha vs krell vs denon vs..

Same thing here - if we ever get to a "standard", it will be a lowest common denominator and as soon as you want to do anything remotely interesting, you need to use the manufacturers "extended" standard.

It would be nice if the totally basic things [ie power on/off, zone on/off, Z1 vol up/down] were supported by the lowest-common-denominator. Then consumers wouldn't have to use existing driver support to decide which HA software to go with in order to get basic fxnlty. If we wanted "interesting" (ie, autoswitch my 3805 into "cinema" mode on DVD press], we'd have to wait for a driver.
lazyone said:
Kenwood VRS-N8100


I have the non-networked version, the VRS-7100. Good performing receiver, but I obviously can't comment on the network function.
Hmmm, looks interesting. I was hoping this could be a solution to the switching problem I was facing. Unfortunately, the capability is a bit limited, it's overloaded on composite video inputs (5) at the expense of component (2).