ZWave 103 - separate neutrals?! why?


I'm trying to install a z-wave 103 3-way switch. The instructions state that "if multiple neutrals are tied together in one box separate the neutrals to preserve the integrity of the circuit" -

My problem is that in my box, there are 2 other switches. There's only 1 total circuit carrying my hot wire from the source. If I were to separate them out... doesn't that mean my other 2 switches are dead and I'd have to run a new wire from the source for them to operate? Does this mean that a 3-way zwave MUST be on it's own circuit?

BTW - I'm a noob when it comes to electrical stuff (as you may have guessed). I'm just crossing my fingers that this will work without the need to run another wire.

Thanks for help?

That sounds like another reverse-Chinese translation of something that should be simple.

This is only a guess:

I 'think' they are talking about adding connections with wire nuts. Sometimes you will exceed a wire nut's capacity for new wires. In that case, it will be necessary to break apart the original connection and add others. If you break them apart, then you need to add jumpers to each wire nut connection so as not to break the original circuit.

Someone help me, I can actually think in 'reverse-Chinese' now. :D

Anyhow good luck with the installation.