Active Home Pro Problem


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I recently installed x10 all over the house with active home pro software and hardware/usb module. I can get the software to manually turn various switches on/off but when I set a timer, it doesnt seem to function. I suspect there is something small I am overlooking. Any thoughts?
Are you using the CM19a?

Numerous problems with active home and this module are known. Maybe they are working on this maybe not. They seem to be good at marketing but not much else. It prob brought most of us into the HA world.

Switch to Homeseer or Charmed Quark and get a better interface like SmartHome USB.

Of course then you would have to leave a computer on.
Welcome to Cocoontech. Most of the user base here use more robust software packages. I for one use HomeSeer and would highly recommend it. I started a long time ago using Active Home but quickly graduated to HS and have never looked back.
OK guys, take it easy on him!

Welcome to Cocoontech!

The CM15 you have should be able to send out the scheduled events over the powerline OK.

Did you say that you are able to manually control all of the devices through the software interface?