Be AWARE of this member - MODSTER!!!


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I didn't see how the current content could benefit the HA community.

I learned new ways to insult people in a childish fashion. Of course, that's probably more beneficial to me at work than in my HA world...


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ellisr63 said:

I hate to tell you but this is also illegal...

**If you are having a freind deliver you stuff a few ways to avoid paying more fees is to claim the value cheap...for instance if something is worth $500 claim the value as $50-75 or in the notes section claim the value as $20 and write "Broken - sending for repair**
But what about if it is broken? Logitech had me send my remote to Canada and declare it as $10 - broken being sent for repairs. Is that legit? This was broken so I did not think twice about it.


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Thats because even Logitech is smart enough to know if they told you to claim it was worth $249 they would be losing money on repairs, each time something comes back if you claim the actual price you will pay the full duty value again and thats why they also told you to say it was $10...they feel they have paid tax's already and the actual true value of the product produced in bulk is likely about $10.

Many times I have bought things and 2 weeks later I have to pay the shipping back to the U.S for a RMA, wait a few weeks to get a new part sent and when they send they put the full value so when it arrives customs won't ask anybody anything they will just assume its new and know nothing about it being repaired and will charge you the full duty the shipping I have to pay back to the many cases the cost of shipping and duty again is more than the product is worth!

You have the right to of course appeal the duty import fees but the catcher is if you don't accept and pay the duty you only have so long before they return ship it to the U.S in which case you have no product...they basically force you to pay and you try to get your money back later.

Mike..technically if Ellisr says this is illegal then I guess what Logitech is doing is illegal also, in my opinion they are doing what I do and I don't think their is a law that says I have to put the *actual purchase value* for anything but instead I put what I think the value of the product is...why should I pay full customs duty for a product worth $800 that I purchase off Ebay or a person for $100..makes no sense at all and I highly doubt their is any enforcable law stating this.

I'm not obligated to pay full customs duty on used goods or returned RMA goods and I won't and this is not illegal, I would say its more illegal for Customs to try to double charge me for GST and customs fees.


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Funny thing... that broken device is hardly worth $10... but is it worth more on the way back? :ph34r:

Seems like we dealt with that specific issue as a repair/replace that exempted the customs value... but that was years ago and my memory ain't that good. :D
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Skibum said:
When I try to go there:

"No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster"

Looks like I was too late. Man they're quick with that delete button...
I'm the one that blew the whistle on the HomeSeer thread. Have never done that before, but seemed like it was going no where fast and I didn't see how the current content could benefit the HA community.

I've known Marty on the message boards for years and even had the pleasure to meet him in person when he visited my house last year. He seems like a standup guy, so dissapointed to hear about his troubles.

Actually thanks for deleting the post. I wanted to ask Rupp to do it but you were faster.
I really didn't like those nasty things that he said.
He is a thief and liar.

BTW – I enjoyed every minute of my visit in your house!



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Yes, I've dealt with this SOB as well - It took me 5 months just to get my chip and I had paid him already - I didn't save his emails though...Beware of him, he's evil