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Since I've logged in.  checked on "New Content" 65 pages.  I guess that is what happens after not being logged in for 1 year+ !!
Hope to get back into some Cocoontech conversations, but at this point it depends on how fast I finish up the from Scratch Go Kart project I've been working on.  For now, I am just about done welding, all the wheels/suspension are on and steering is good.  
I think what is remaining is finishing the brakes, deciding on the engine placement, welding the plate for that in place, hooking in springs for the pedals as well as the cabling for those.
I'd like to get the transmission I designed together and put in prior to painting, but all that does is enable the motor and providing reverse for the Go Kart.  That one isn't AS big of a deal, but I'd rather it be as done as it could be prior to painting.
Funny, the kid's Go Kart is probably going to get a more expensive paint job than any Go Kart in the neighborhood...cost as a WHOLE unit.  I have a slew of paint left over from when I painted my Mercedes...cheaper to use that since it's ON hand, than it is to go out and buy new the color makes good sense for the color the kids picked for the seat material.
Anyway, hello to everyone again!
dementeddigital, I couldn't figure out how to easily slipstream my images in, so here is a link on Google Drive with the pictures + description.
Included some build pics as well as our testing the steering / suspension.  I was the motor.  So far, very happy with it.  2 seater, will have Gas Engine and Electric Motor.  Forward geared for 12MPH (just a tad faster than the rest the neighborhood's units).  Reverse is 2.7MPH or something like that.  The Gas is geared to ~25MPH (24.89 or something like that...I'd have to look it up in my math notes). 
Short term, kids use the electric as it is slower / safer.  Easier for them to understand going forward / backwards by shifting between F, N, R.
Long term and short term for adults, use Gas for Forward, then Electric for reverse or when engine noise is prohibited (driving around in our neighborhood park).
In THEORY...400W electric scooter motor should be good.  As I understand it, typically you rate electric power as W-> HP, then 3x the number you get (due to the torque curve differences).  That'll get you CLOSE.  Plus I have a gearing advantage that the original scooter this motor came from ... did not have.
Besides, worst case, I add a a second motor and a few more batteries.
Pete,  Thanks!
As a side note, my kids are geting older and wanted tablets to play games on.  They worked hard to earn $$ using chores.  They ended up getting NVidia Sheild K1 tablets.  Since they had issues ruining the USB jack on the last tablet I gave them to use, I puchased some generic add-on Qi chargers for phones.  Since they do not use the tablets most of the day, I figured there would be enough time to charge them up overnight.  To help them align the tablets to the chargers, I also built some boxes with some foam to hold everything aligned while charging.  Cut down some nice OAK I purchased at the Big Box.  Made a box joint (my real reason for doing this).  Then I glued up and stained it to go along with the theme of the house.  I used this stain that had a clear-coat already in it.  Worked out pretty well.  Although I've stained in the past using a paper towel.  The other stuff was too sticky and pulled the paper apart.  I had to use a paint brush.  Good thing for Ollies (Second hand type store)!  I got 4 1" brushes for $1.
So far, the boxes are working REALLY well.  It was my first time trying to do a box joint.  I think I'll stick to working with steel.  :)
You can find those images here:
I used to have a way to share the images from Google Drive by using a DIRECT link, however Google sent me a notice they are stopping that, so until I work something else out, I'll just let anyone interested navigate to the Google Drive page and view them there.
Thanks for the interest!