CES Exclusive Update

But the best sounding system I have ever heard in my life were these SLS surround sound speakers (of course the system in the cherry wood was around $2800, but man it sounded great!!, I don't think I will now be able to buy another audio product less than this standard in my life after hearing this).


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There were a few structured media vendors with some really nice looking displays. This one is from Openhouse.


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And this one from USTech. Notice it includes AC outlets with network and video connector trim plates (on the right hand side of the display).


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A company called Intelon makes these network power line adapters that they claim can achieve 14Mbps through your ac power line. Just plug the adapters in your wall (an RJ45 connector is on the bottom), plug the other end into the system you want to interface to the network and your ready to go. They are towards the top center of the picture (with the red light)

It is available from COMPUSA and other distributors for I think around $20.

The products on the right are compatible with this networked system. I'm going to have to check this one out for myself, because it sounds to good to be true!


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Aren't the current powerline networks rated at 10-11mbps? 14mbps doesn't seem to be a big jump or am I missing something (maybe the current ones are slower than I thought).
Thats true. I don't know a lot about these powerline networks. What struck me here was the low price of these systems. Let me try to verify some of this today.
Thanks for all of your updates BSR! I've already sent an inquiry to Intellon about distributing their products. I've been looking for a good provider of this kind of stuff.

Hi Martin:

Here is some info I got at Intellon's booth:

Their Product Marketing Manager is

Arnaud Perrier
Intellon Corporation
1731 Technology Drive
Suite 560
San Jose, CA 95110
Office: 408-501-0320 ext 102
Fax: 408-501-0323
EMail: [email protected]
Web Site: http://www.intellon.com

He stated that they are trying to get the word out on their products and are looking for resellers (you may even want to say you got this info at CES, hehe).

Also, since you are a reseller, I got a form for a substantial discount on Harmony remotes. They want to give their potential reseller discounts on one or two of their products in hopes that they will play with them and resell them.

I have the form if you would like me to fax it over to you. Prices are:

Harmony Remote SST-659 $120
Harmony Remote SST-688 $140
Harmony Remote SST-768 $135

Also with a purchase of a SST-659, you can purchase an SST-688 or SST-768 for $100 (one per customer).