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EHExpo - group dinner?


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I registered for the Expo and booked my hotel room. I'm looking foward to seeing some other HA folks a the dinner. There's a good chance I'll have a co-worker with me.



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WayneW said:

The biggest annual US Home Automation show is coming soon. Who is going to be there?

I would like to try an organize a group dinner for Cocooners. The Expo already has a reception planned for Thursday evening. So what do y'all think of a dinner meeting on Friday evening?

I was thinking of trying to get a private banquet room at a Golden Corral steakhouse/buffet about a mile from the convention center. Any other opinions or suggestions?
Just curious if a time and place has been set!
I want to make sure I don't plan to attend a seminar or MFG trainning class and miss the diner.

Larry in Denver


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No, I haven't formalized anything yet, but it is getting to about that point where we have a solid headcount. Unless anybody has any other suggestions or ideas, I would probably stick with my original goal of a steakhouse buffet about 6:30 Friday evening. We will probably be there for a couple hours and since it is a buffet, it is easy for you to join us whenever you can get there. Are there any seminars or classes that run later than the 6PM show close on Friday? And if anybody needs transportation, please shout out as I am sure we can work something out.

There is an "EHX After Hours Party" on Thursday, March 30, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm with admission included with all registrations. I plan on attending, if anybody wants to try and meet at that also. Maybe even an impromptu dinner after that?


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FYI, I just got this email:
This is an important message for EHX alumni and valued customers!
EARLY BIRD PRICING EXTENDED until this Friday, March 10th! ========================================================
You can still register today to get your complimentary Expo-Plus
Pass and Save up to $200 on Conference packages.
Use Priority Code: EHX03


I'll be attending too. I'm predicting that Cinemar's got a few tricks lined up for the show and I certainly wouldn't want to miss that!


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Hey gang,

I'm enrolled and hoping to attend, but am scheduled to finish work at my day job on March 31st so don't know that it will be possible to make the trip.

If I do get to Florida, count me in for dinner!



Signed up - but whether I go depends on whether Martin will bring some DEALS I am interested in. Charge card has zero balance and is getting HOT!

Probably won't make dinner though.

Come on Martin - what are the special deals for those at the show?



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Hey Gang,

I'm a longtime HA fan working to go professional and tend to lurk 'n surf alot around here. :)

Anyways, I am planning on going this year. This will be my first EHX and I'm looking forward to checking everything out.



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Come on Martin - what are the special deals for those at the show?
Well, the deals haven't been finalized but you might suspect that they involve some of the manufacturers that we are working with on this show - Cinemar, Elk, & Simply Automated. Smarthome has changed their mind about supporting us in this show.


Sounds like we are getting together on FRI night. Guessing we can pick a spot at the show to meet eh?

Pete (from HS BBS)


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An email with additional info was sent to everybody that expressed interest. If you didn't get the email, please let me know as I may have goofed up or it may be a tech issue.