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EHExpo - group dinner?


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A future UK integrator here, I'm hoping to get over to the EHX show and would love to meet up with you guys.

Thanks to DavidL for pointing me to this thread from the Cinemar forums. I'll know for sure early next week and will let you know for definate. But, if I'm there I'd love to meet up with everyone. (if only to buy Mario that beer I promised a few years back!) :lol:



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Wow, makes me want to go now... I slipped up this year, and forgot to register. Was a nice time at the Golden Coral last year, and think for those that didn't make it last year, will have a great time.

I was just 2 hours drive away, but now it's about 4 hours drive away, as I have moved from West Palm Beach to South Beach (temporarily). I am workin on getting a house in the Ft. Lauderdale area, as I am sick of renting and not being able to install all the HA stuff that I want to :lol: (you know, rental restrictions on drilling through walls, mounting screens in walls ect...) Landlords do not take kindly to 10" x 8" holes in their walls when you move out :)


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I plan on attending. I will have no wheels, but the Golden Coral is only about a mile from my hotel. I look forward to meeting everyone.


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Hi Guys,

Got the details of this thread from the Cinemar forum.

I am coming over from the UK with my business partner. If it is not too late to add our names to the list we would love to come along.




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LAST CALL Details are being finalized by email.
If you are interested and have NOT received email from me, please contact me ASAP.


Looking forward to meeting all of you. I am flying in to TPA and will be hanging around SRQ most of the time. Willl be going to the show for one day and have a couple of extra passes if anyone needs them. I have a vehicle that holds four.


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I expect you can get a ride to Golden Coral from someone else, but if not, there is an inexpensive shuttle bus running up and down the main strip. It passes right in front of both the convention center and Golden Coral.


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Thanks, but I think we are going to someone's house now and I should have a ride but I appreciate the post. :D


gee, i miss these posts all time ;)

i'm in Orlando though, and would like to meet up with other cocooners.
is there still room at the table?

i'm at the Wyndham btw.


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Ok, guess i'm a big procrastinator, Wayne is there room for me? Love to join up with you guys!! :D Looks like a great showing!


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Wayne, is it possible to add one more. Super sorry for the late notice. If the Dinner is going to be an issue, then I'd like the details of the meeting point and time at the Expo. Thanks!


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I would expect you guys will get a reply from Wayne later tonight, but I am in Orlando and have had the pleasure on spending some time with Wayne and Steve over the past 2 days. The last number I heard for tomorrow night is between 25 and 30. The plan is to meet at the Cinemar booth at 6:00 when the show closes and leave from there as a group. The list is impressive, with a number of vendors joining us.

I look forward to meeting those of you that I have not already met.

See you tomorrow.

Larry from Denver


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jlehnert said:
Pictures? (or mug shots?) :p
Somebody hasn't been reading all the posts :rolleyes:

Go to this thread for link. The dinner party is in the "Dinner at Barry Gordon" subalbum on the first page. Thanks again Barry!