Elk Plug-in Proximity Reader & M1KP2


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Can these 2 not be used together or what? I bought them on the assumption they did. Please tell me I can use them together. Even if I have to get an adapter of some sort.

The ELK plug-in proximity reader only works with the ELKKP keypad. Any 12 Volt, 26 bit Weigand compatible Prox reader can work with the ELKKP2 through a connector on the back of the PCB. The plug-in reader is 5 Volts only.
So I have to get an external reader now? That stinks. Was this functionality removed on this KP for a reason?
I bought the external reader and was able to install it in the recessed box. I did a little bit of cutting so it would fit right, but it will work). The recessed box was not designed for this (hence the cutting) but it does the job. I would not be surprised if there was another model of back box in the future, but this is of course only my own (hope) speculation.
ELK sells an external reader that will fit behind the KP2 keypad Printed Circuit Board. You need to be using the recessed mounting box not the surface mounting box. There is physically not enough room on the KP2 PCB for the plugin prox reader. Sorry!!
Would that be the ELK-106055 UltraProx Wiegand Reader ?

Hopefully I can switch them out @ AuotmatedOutlet.