ethernet switch


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I am in need of a new switch, my 2 are small and are getting full I was thinking of a 16-24 port rack mountable. but I don't know what some of the options are... I was looking on ebay and 16 port switches are going for around $20-30 in your opinions should I stay away from one brand???

Dell's unmanaged switches are discounted right now. They have a 16-port model for $55 and a 24-port model for $20 more.

These are only 10/100 switches, but are rackmountable and don't rely on any internal fans for cooling so they're silent.

These are reasonable quality switches and seem to be a good value (I've used them for a number of small business clients).

should I go managed or unmanaged? I see a 3024 (managed 24 port) on ebay for $50 which is about the same price as the 16 port unmanaged through dell... not that I need 24, 16 ports there will still be extra ports for expansion.