FM Antenna


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What is everyone using for an FM Antenna here? I tried dipoles, then bought an amplified antenna, and am still getting static. I can get signals to portable radios, but all my hifi tuners are still suffering.

I have easy access to my attic and could mount an antenna there, I would just need to split it to run to the different stereos around the house.

I am using an amplified antenna. I know what you mean about still getting static. I ened up passing the wire up through a crack beside an air vent from my basement and I sat the amplified antenna on the window sill. I assume putting the antenna in the attic might work just as well but I would be concerned about heat if you are using an active antenna.

If you use a dipole antenna then you should probably just mount it a high as possible. Maybe mounting it outside on the roof would be best. If you are running long runs of wire you may need to use the amplified antenna because of the antenuation caused by the wires resistance.

Bottom line is you just need to try things until it works.