HAI Dimmer Problem - HELP!


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OK - here is another for your guys. I have installed HAI dimmers all over my house and I have one that is behaving very strange. It is a 35A00-1 HAI 600W dimmer. It is set to control 7 X 65W in ceiling spots above my kitchen island. They are the main source of light in the kitchen and they used to be set up on a 3way, one switch on either side of the kitchen. I closed off the three way and used a black and white to install a scene controller that works perfect. However, the dimmer at the other location is the one in charge of the 7 X 65W bulbs. The dimmer works great for a few hours, but then it gets very hot and will not turn off. When I double tap the bottom rocker the lights dim to about 20% and then stay there. If I turn off the breaker to that switch, let it cool, then turn it back on the dimmer will behave normally, once again allowing me to turn off the lights. I have removed it from all programming on the network and it is a standalone unit. I did this to try to isolate the problem - to see if perhaps the program was messed up not allowing it to work properly. The problem is still happening. The only thing I can think of is that I need to go to a 1000W dimmer, but I am not sure. I should have enough with a 600W dimmer to cover 7 X65W bulbs. Any suggestions... :)
Yes, technically that should work since it's only 455 watts but there are a couple of other considerations.

Is this in a multi-gang box? If so, some de-rating might be needed.

Yes, you might only have 65 watt bulbs in there now but if a bulb goes, I'll bet you that the wife might throw a 75 or 100 watt bulb in there if that's what's handy....

What you are describing does sound like a load rating issue. I would probably just put in the 1000 watt bulb and re-deploy that 600 watt switch somewhere else.
AutomatedOutlet said:
I would probably just put in the 1000 watt bulb and re-deploy that 600 watt switch somewhere else.
lol, thats a big bulb! I agree, these dimmers never get near their stated limits without really heating up. That's one of the reasons I went with SAI switches as the 'standard' is 900W.

If you touch one of the screws on the plate it will probably also be VERY HOT which can be a hazard if touched. I would agree with Martin and replace that switch with 1000W. It may still be a bit warm, but will probably work alot better. If there are switches on both sides of it, you may need even more than 1000W for derating.