HAI Firmware; Unit333 beeping


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Long time HAI integrator here, haven't touched an HAI in a few years.
With tech support no longer available I believe I am missing a few steps.
If anybody could chime in that would be great. I also searched previous post/forums couldn't find my solution.

I have a OMNI PRO 2 running 3.12.
I just updated my pc access to latest firmware, no new firmware was available when trying to upload.
I believe 3.14A is available? Could not find a download link.

Client is experiencing random beeping UNIT333 I've seen in previous post about this, recommending to update firmware.
I've verified no sensors are causing the beeping.
I looked at the log and did not see any issues.

I've had the system powered off for a long period of time (24Hrs+)
Should be the same as clearing the EEProm correct?

We are integrating this with ELAN so my plan B will be to decommission the HAI keypad

The system is fully function with no other errors.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can find the final official version of PC Access here. Have you been able to validate the power supply is still functioning properly? While I don't have much HAI experience myself, unexplained behaviors like these are often explained by power issues. I'd also consider the capacitors on this board as a potential culprit (there are some other threads about this).