Homeseer 1.7 question


Hi All,

I'm reevaluating Homeseer 1.7 (don't really like 2.0 that much..) and have a question about creating events.

I've got several devices I turn on and off at certain times of the day. I can't figure out how to turn a device on and off without creating 2 events.

For example, I have an x10 receptacle I want to come on at 6:00PM and go off at 9:00PM. The only way I've found to make this work is to create an event to turn it on at 6 and another event to turn it off at 9. Having all these events really clutters up the Event screen and I'm betting that there's something I'm just missing.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Two events is the way to do it. Events are what HS is built around and events are created as "turn this event on" or "turn this event off" or "set thermostat to 68" etc. I have over 400 events and HS just hums along.
You should be able to use one event for both. Configure the event to trigger at 6 PM and turn on the light. Then also add an off action in the event and delay it for 3 hours (9 PM).
Off topic:

If you don't like HS 2.0 then you may want to consider looking for a HS alternative. There are plenty of them now days. I will with hold my comments for my favorites so that I don't get bashed.
Have you had a look at HS 2.0 lately? The newest .net 2.0 version is a dramatic improvement and is supposed to be released in beta this Friday. It would have been nice if all of the .net improvements would have been there from the initial releases of HS 2.0.
Thanks everyone..

Wayne - that's exactly what I needed to do thank you very much for the tip. I just tested it and it works great.