Host PC Doubling Their Quotos For New Accts


HostPC is apparently doubling their quotas for new accounts (disk space, Email Accts, Bandwidth, etc...) as part of their sixth anniversary celebration.

Details HERE!
I NEVER rely on figures like those from an HOST. They are close to meaningless. Your quota could be 1000mb, but if that bandwidth is throttled, then you are screwed. IMHO, there are 2 kinds of hosts. Bargain hosts, and quality hosts.

I am not saying that HostPC is bad, or anything like that. I don't use them, so I could not know. What I have found is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I have a HUGE distrust of Hosting companies. I have been through far too many BAD hosts. Now that I have a REAL QUALITY host, I would never switch again, unless the situation changed.

Ya get what ya pay for!
HostPC has received good remarks from people over at Anandtech. The owner frequents that board and replies candidly to posts there as well. He feels he is not "overselling" his disk space or bandwidth with this offer.

HostPC is also the hosting company of Cocoontech.

BUT, you are correct, many hosts out there are not reliable. It seems any host will give you that one "gotcha" at one point or another. We had ours at Cocoontech. I host my community web site ( with Solidinternet and was down a lot when they were changing over to new servers.

BTW: Who are you currently with Ski that yields such high accolades?
I am hosted by Fluidhosting

They are simultaneously connected to 9 tier 1 backbones, and use intelligent routing technology.

3.06 Xeon Servers, 2-4 GB Ram

EMail support usually replies within 5 or 6 minutes, and they are available more quickly on IRC, and ICQ. Absolutely impeccable business ethics.