I broke my wireless connection (oops)


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I need some help figuring out what I did. I was trying to install a linksys wireless repeater, and somehow I killed my connection to my laptop.

Here is what I know
1- The laptop will not connect to the internet
2 The laptop will connect to my network
3 I disabled the windows firewall
4 I disabled Zone Alarm
5 I can use my second laptop on wireless
6 I can use remote access from the laptop to a second computer to goto the internet
7 I know it is something simple, but I don't have a CLUE! I spent 2 hours last night trying to track it down.

Thanks for the help
I would check the gateway setting on the repeater. It may be set as the IP address of the repeater.

I haven't worked with one of the repeaters, but I have seen a similar item happen when you have two routers. I it thinks the gateway setting is the IP address of the router without the connection to the internet, you wont get internet access, but you will have lan access.

Under the configuration screen (I'm assuming) of the repeater, there should be a gateway setting, set it to the IP address of your router connected to the cable modem/dsl.

I disconnected the repeater just to eliminate it from the problem. I think the set-up utility is what caused the problem. I just do not know what it changed.

Thanks for the help