Insteon Flashing


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I've got an issue that seems to happen frequently and I haven't yet found documentation to explain it: my KeypadLincs will flash specific buttons three or four times after being used.

This is not the flashing from other devices - I'm well aware of that and am slowly replacing all the KeypadLincs to eliminate that issue.

For example, press a basic "on" or "off" on one of the 6-button units and the top and bottom (on and off) buttons flash three or four (can't recall exactly) times.

I suspect that it's something about not being able to communicate with things in their link table, but everything seems to be working - the linked devices respond and such.

The only linked device that they ALL have in common is one of the PLCs. It's possible that they can't communicate consistently to this (though it communicates consistently to them); but I really don't know if that's what the lights are about.

Anyone know?
I believe the blinking is due to a failure to communicate with something. If everything appears to be working, then you probably have a broken link in the keypadlinc. I would suggest using PowerHome to examine all the links and then PH will let you delete the ones that point to devices that you don't have.
When the keypad sends a message, it first sends a group command (Device xx.xx.xx Group 3 On), and the linked devices signal back that they heard the message. The button will flash as it transmits.

If a device that is supposed to doesn't signal back (since Insteon shares powerlines with lots of different devices like x10 that can produce noise, it'll happen occasionally), then the keypad will flash that button and attempt to contact that device directly a couple of times (and the mesh network will rebroadcast it).

If the linked device is no longer in your network (due to unplugging or replacing a module or PowerLinc), the device will never respond, so you'll always get that extended flash when you use that button.

You can fix it by reattaching and unlinking the device, or by deleting the dead link with link management software like PowerHome or HouseLinc, or by resetting the keypad button back to its factory default and reprogramming it. Or you can leave it as-is, since it really isn't hurting anything.


Is this documented anywhere?

BTW, I counted: somewhere between 8 and 10 flashes (they're pretty fast) on the one that does it the most.

No bad links. I've used HouseLinc to clean up (and keep clean) the link tables, so it must be bad signaling between those switches and the receiving device(s). I'll add an RF-link near that common PLC and see if it helps.

I first saw that behavior documented in the troubleshooting page of the LampLinc manual. If it is the PLC that the keypad is having trouble reaching, then sure, you can plug it directly into another SignaLinc RF. Just orient the antennas so that they are parallel to each other for best reception.