Lost connection to XEP


I got my M1 up & running. I was able to connect to the panel via my LAN, and the internet. Email was also working after setting the IP to static per Elk tech support.

All of a sudden I started getting ethernet trouble on my keypad. Now I can't connect to the panel via RP on my LAN. I downloaded the XEP diagnostic utility from ELK and used that to try and find my XEP. No luck. I then followed their instructions (attached) to try to connect directly to the XEP with a crossover cable. Still no luck in seeing the XEP.

Does anyone have any ides, suggestions?


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I remember having some trouble with this when I first installed -- I'd just start from scratch with your settlings. Obviously, you will need to "find" the XEP. I think the best way is forcing the XEP back to DHCP -- I'm not sure how to do this without looking it up in the manual. After you force it to DHCP, serach for the XEP like you have been trying and then reprogram.
A lot depends on your network, but there's multiple ways to skin the cat here.

Easiest is as alluded to, force the XEP back to a default static, instead of the DHCP and direct connect via a crossover, see where that gets you.

I personally prefer to set XEP's to a static and then set the router/switch to assign a static to that port only, not DHCP, however YMMV.


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I find it easiest to set the M1XEP to use DHCP. Connect it to a router with the DHCP server running. Then try to find the M1XEP using a laptop connected to the same router.