Marantz DAvED


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Anybody tried the Marantz DAvED multiroom system? Curious if the powerline transmission technology has any interference problems. Also wonder what it does to PLC based lighting (X-10, UPB, Insteon)?
First, I am a Marantz reseller and love the bulk of the gear. Second, the Daved piece is just that. I wouldn't wish that level of "quality" on my worst enemy. It really is that bad. Haven't sold it and won't. One listen and I literally turned it off.

Rant over...
Good input, thanks!

My latest idea is to buy some mini systems to use with my Squeezebox music players. Been looking at Philips MDR708 systems because they are cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and the flat top is perfect for setting a Squeezebox on. Anybody have experience with these Philips systems?