Marcell GSM temperature sensor/alert


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I will be responsible for an unoccupied house this winter in Connecticut and am looking for a way to monitor temperature to avoid frozen pipes in the event of a heating failure. I am just about to pull the trigger on the Marcell device:

Is anyone here familiar with the Marcell temperature sensor? I've searched cocoon and came up empty


EDIT: I should have mentioned that there is no internet access.
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Let me re-phrase the question....

Does anyone know of a GSM device that will monitor temperature and send me a text message or phone call when the temp goes outside of a set range? The building does not have internet access so it must be GSM.

I have used the Proteus Temperature sensor... I put it in homes under construction as long as the wireless network is installed.
Its cheap works well and simple to install. Only support is their web site.


Sorry, I see you want GSM. This device is standard wireless.
The Marcell device looks ideal but it costs $200 for the device plus $15/month for the service and it seems to me that there may be a simpler solution that I'm not seeing.