MCE 2005


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Was off from work today, so I finally got around to installing the MCE2005 software (think I received it 3 or 4 weeks ago)

I believe MCE2005 will support 2 tuners?

Only have one installed, but I do have a Hauppauge USB tuner, would it possibly play nice with the software and the internal tuner?
2 regular tuners + 1 HDTV OTA tuner. Not sure if the Hauppauge USB is supported, but worth a try if it has the same chipset as the PVR series cards.

2 regular PLUS OTD HD? 3 total?

The OTA HD is the one that came installed.

If the USB doesn't work, may have to remove the modem to free up a PCI slot.
3 total yep, if you don't want to give up the modem, you can get a PVR-500, which has 2 tuners built in, or find an external USB modem. Btw, which manufacture includes an OTA HDTV tuner with their systems? Who is the manufacture of that card?
if the machine came with MCE, then the modem is probably MCE compatible, meaning it can display caller ID info while watching TV etc.
I thought maybe caller ID might be possible, but the manuals don't mention it.

Any clue how to configure it?

I did plug a telco line in when I first got the 'puter, called my number and nothing happened, so thought I was wrong about that feature.
I believe it is in the settings menu somewhere, MCE 2004 supported this too. Even HP didn't know for a while that MCE supported caller ID.
you have a HP machine which came with MCE 2004 and a OTA HDTV tuner? I think you might want to verify that one, as MCE 2004 didn't support HDTV.
I could be wrong about the tuner, have only used it for standard cable, Docs with the machine did mention ATSC capabile.

Just went to HP's site, spec's just said "PCI TV Tuner Card, PVR Functionality, FM Tuner, etc. Guess I need to open the box, pull the card and see who and what is really there :lol:
Electron, I have taken the plunge into the MCE2005 waters by getting a HP z545.
Where do I go from here? What do you recommend. :eek: