Modems and HS Phone


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I don't have a land line as I just use a cell phone and was wondering if any modems out there could be used with HS. If I remember correctly, HS was selling one that suppled power to the line. Do all modems do this? I doubt it, but then again, I haven't even thought about a "modem" in a couple of years. Im just looking to see if one of the old modems I have laying around could be used along with an old cordless phone.... might as well us them since I have them.

I'm assuming that I would just plug the phone directly into the modem's line-in port?

Im nowhere near fiddling with this. Just wanted to know if it was an option.
What are the chances of VOIP being integrated?

Well, after talking to electron in chat, it looks like this is not possible. More importantly you couldn't use the CID (caller-ID) function, and that seems to be one of the main reason others use this. I guess Ill start looking into mics so I can talk to and command HS.