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I want to start a thread which will have a collection of links to 'active' new construction projects/blogs. I know there are several people who are building right now, so if you are one of them, please post your link here. Once I have a few, I will start the thread, and make it a sticky.

This is going to follow both the house construction, home automation, and home theater progress. I just put it up yesterday, so I am hoping to have it up to current events by the end of this week.

I will also be making the site accessable from

Thanks guys! Look forward to your comments and critiques!
RandyKnight said:
There is one in the family room.
Ok, I just overlooked it. Are you planning to automate the damper? I am looking for a way to tell when mine have been left open. Don't think I actually need to operate them remotely but I want to know if heat is going up the chimney because the damper wasn't closed after the last fire.
I wish that I had the time and know how to post a blog or even pictures of our new house :angry:

We have 4000 ft in the main house and almost 600 in the guest house, and not a single fireplace!!! We are doing Polly Steel ICF's and foam on the roof deck.