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No landline, want Omni LTe send email messages


Next test is same as above but using Windows 10 (11) Pro. (Laptop or Desktop)
Testing here using one of two HP Elitepad G2 1000.  Today one is running Ubuntu and one is running Windows 11 preview version.
1 - Download current version of STunnel 
2 - Install STunnel
Version is very plug n play.  It will create a cert for you and default config file is set up for GMail (in port 25 and out port 465)
Service installs itself correctly
3 - check your Windows 10 (11) firewall allowed apps to make sure STunnel is there.  If not add it manually.
4 - install SnapLink and configure it to connect to your OmniPro panel.
5 - configure email as posted earlier.
6 - create an alert which is email only for alarm stuff
7 - exit SnapLink / restart Snaplink - IE: just to confirm that your settings are all saved.
8 - check your windows 10 (11) firewall allowed apps to make sure SnapLink is there.  If not add it manually.
Tested it to work just fine.
BTW did all of this via Ubuntu Remmina / RDP to the HP ElitepadTablet.

Tablet connects to home network via Ethernet or Wireless or from the WAN via SIM card and OpenVPN to PFSense box.


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So JonK - how did you end up solving your Omni Lte panel issue? I have the same panel and am going to run into the same predicament soon.
I want to cut the land line and find the way for system to send me text/emails. Also a new app that would communicate with Lte.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Jakar, I eventually got STunnel configured and then Snap-Link was able to send alerts. To finally get it all to work, PeteC was very helpful and offered to help me get it working by my calling him.  He is a very helpful guy, and has been down most of the automation roads and detours, so he can really figure things out when it all seems crazy.  I would do the steps mentioned in this thread...go back to the beginning of the thread and follow it step-by-step.  I am not now at my computer where this is all installed, so I can't do much more, but again, PeteC can probably answer all of your questions.


Here moved it to BSD PFSense box as the firewall is on 24/7.  STunnel runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac et al.  It needs to be running 24/7.

BTW here replaced the copper land line with Ooma many many years ago and it works great. As a back up to the copper also utilize an LTE modem with battery that has RJ11 telephone ports on it. The T-Mobile LTE modem serves as a back up to my Internet and phone.


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Thank You Guys for replies,
I currently have CenturyLink and all works fine. It would be nice to have Text and/or email notifications as well but...
I wonder how may people have good experience with 20A30-1 modem. Looks like they are not available anymore anyway.
If anyone reading this has one and doesn't have a need for it anymore - I'd like to give it a try. pls... 
The SnapLink issue got me thinking a little but looks like Leviton is looking into it. Fingers crossed.
I was entertaining an idea of dropping the land line completely and switching to OOMA but since I need to maintain a telephone connection with some land lines in Europe and there are some fees associated with it using OOMA I'm not sure anymore. I'm checking if it makes financial sense for me to switch from CenturyLink and go to OOMA. It appears that their customer service is not that great and people are having heck of a time canceling the services.
Thanks again,