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Well I have begun to start working on my Nowplaying project. I have fixed some bugs and other quirks that crept in with Netremote Pro. I also touched up some of the graphics.

I am taking ideas for other functions/screens to build into the project. I am only working on the Win32 part of the project right now but will also be going over the Pocket PC CCF later. There have been over 1100 downloads for this project so I am hoping to hear from some of you.

For those that don't remember the screens shots (they were lost in the board crash), here are some of them once again for the Win32 part of the project.


Here is the main screen for Nowplaying.
Clicking on the full size CD cover will display the current playlist/CD list where you can select any track.
Clicking the 15 button will display the CD covers which can be selected to play or added to the current playlist.
Clicking the RADIO button will display the TUNER control page. Each zone has its own independant tuner with 10 preset stations.
Clicking on the small satellite map displays the larger animated satellite map. Click on the map to go back to the 5 day forcast or use the back button to return to where you came from.
Click on the LIGHT BULB to display the light control screen. The sliders will dim the lights as well as reflect any dim changes made from Palmpads.

That looks great!

Did I miss a link where it could be downloaded?

Oops: I missed the point that your Nowplaying Project was an application of Netremote software
Mir. Wilson,

Does Netremote support DVD playback and other external applications? Thanks!
cool, do you know if they will support launching external apps, maybe even embedded into the skin (eventho that last part isn't a requirement)? If it could do this, I have a new carPC front end lol.