NQ Link - Android App for OmniPro II

LQtechvn said:
I am also Leviton Distributor. I working on Omni Controller over 13 years. I understand what's my customer need. I design this app stand on customer's side
Any plans to port this over to the IOS platform?
Ouch, yes it does look like the price jumped quite a bit. Not sure if CT members get a discount, but I am guessing this forum was a pretty good source for last few months of sales on NQ Link.  I guess I am glad I bought when I did, but I am pretty sure I would not have paid $49.99 as it today.   I have yet to really be able to use the software as my panel is in storage.  The developer seems to be making updates and it seems to be both bugfixes and feature adds. 
LQtechvn - Maybe your data warrants the price hike, but in my opinion you are putting your software out of a comfortable purchase range for this type of software. 
LQtechvn said:
as CT member request. Price adjusted.
Are you done adjusting the price?  You dropped it to 39.99 then upped up to 43.99.  Let me know when you drop it down again.
Congratulations on your IOS release. The Android app is nothing short of amazing and I really appreciate all your hard work!
Is the IOS version released or is that just a proof-of-concept?  All I'm seeing in the video is the Android version controlling everything and the IOS version showing lights going on/off.  Not seeing it in the store either.
Glad to see you have the IOS version coming.  Please provide more info and the status of it.
I am running NQLink Pro version 3.3.2 on my Galaxy 7 Edge and HAI Omni Pro.
I have 8 HiFi zones in the Omni Pro II program but only 6 appear on the NQLink Pro. In addition, the audio zone descriptions displayed on my phone do not match the Omni Pro II program. I ran the "RETRIEVE SETUP" but the descriptions still do not match. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
I updated the app to 3.36 and now I can see the 8 audio zones.  However, if I select zones  6, 7, or 8 the app stops and the app has to be closed. Audio zones 1 to 5 appear to be working properly.
Your NQlink Pro app is fantastic. So much better than the HAI SnapLink that was never adequately developed or supported.
I am interested in your Music Server and was looking for an email address to send you a request for more information.
LQtechvn said:
heffneil said:
So I have two questions :
1. Will this run on a kindle fire?  And 
2. Will it run in a console / keypad mode where it will dim the screen when it sleeps and wake back up?  
#1: Installed successfully on Fire 8 today. Now attempting to get geofencing enabled.
Edit: Also working on voice APK (SnapLink II trial) to help gauge whether Pro or Lite is warranted.
Just bought your app and liking it so far.  I just have one suggestion for the next update, when I add a light switch to a room it only has the on/off functions, can you add dimming capabilities for switches when they are added to a room?