OOPS I did it again!


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Today, 02/05/2004
Catching and killing the critters isn't so bad. It's the fact that you keep a photo diary with post-it notes that scares me :) ! HAHA I love it!
I try to set examples for the other mice (if there are any left), if you would experience the loss of sleep I have, I am sure you would have probably marked them with a burning piece of metal or something (okok I need sleep lol).
I need to get electrons code for this. I wired a electric fence controller up to my birdfeeders to keep the racoons off, and tonights the first time I was able to watch the coons try it out. Silly bugger would start climbing, hit the wires and get jolted, then sit on the ground trying to figure out who bit him/her. It took three tries before it got annoyed and took off. Now I'm waiting for the rest of the family (Mama and three kids) to show up.
and I thought I was the biggest geek lol, no I printed it out on 1"x1" pieces of paper and stapled it on random studs :D
Ah, OK. For a minute there I thought you were pulling my leg. Everyone knows mice's feet are to small to type on the keyboard.

They can read fine, just can't type.
Archy the cockroach (of Don Marquis's Archy and Mehitabel poetry) was perfectly capable of typing and he had to do it on a mechanical typewriter (not even electric). I believe that he needed to throw himself at the keys from a substantial height in order to do so.

If a cockroach could do so at the beginning of the 20th century, I'm willing to believe that 21st century mice would not have problems.

Of course, they could probably just use SR (squeek recognition).