Pellet Stove Control


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Hi all,
I recently installed a pellet furnace in my basement. I currently have a geothermal heating system. The pellet furnace is intended to heat the basement (when finished) or to use the heat upstairs for supplemental heat when we have that string of very cold days.
I have electric dampers in the duct to switch the heat between the basement registers or to go into the upstair registers.
Anyway, I’m looking for a remote sensing and control system. The pellet furnace can accept a contact closure to determine if it runs on hi or lo. I would use a thermostat to turn the furnace on (hi) or off (Lo). To avoid the need for wiring upstairs and to allow the sensing location to be easily determined I’m trying to find a cost effective system. Something like the honeywell rem5000r1001 personal comfort station. A remote control that I can have in the area I want to control temperature to. If I'm in the basement rec room, I just take the remote w/ a tv remote. If upstairs, I put the remote on a table there.
The Honeywell system is overkill for this and very expensive. All I need is a remote w/ a receiver based on temperature to provide a contact closure…
Anyone know of a system? Ideas?