Powered AM/FM antenna


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My wife likes to listen to the radio, but my reciever does not seem to pull in much with the included cheap wired antenna. I wanted to improve this and was looking at various Terk products. 'Unfortunately' making it easier for her control all the equipment meant she found some 'holes' where things did not work exactly as intended. I figured I should plug this one before I got to the point of touch screen integration in the future (and this is a relatively inexpensive project).

The higher end seems to be something like this (although I found other references saying people did not like it. It would also be a more annoying install as it would need to go in the attic):

And then I found some good feedback on this one:

And then even cheaper ones such as:

The middle one seemed a good choice, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience and recommendations on this sort of thing.
I had the Terk TV55 - a disaster! Sent it back. I would not buy a Terk product!
For FM I have the Radio Shack 15-1843 - works really well picking up all my FM stations. Looks a lot like the Radio Shack 15-1859 AM/FM indicated by mustangcoupe. I would expect it to be fine.
I live about 45 miles from the city and can't pull in anything. I'll have to try this.
I'm guessing the issue is location or my reciever. I tried the radio shack one mustangcoupe referenced and it did not help (it has since been returned). I know it was working fine before I moved, so it seems the FM/AM portion is working (and I can get some reception, just virtually nothing).

The reciever in question is a Harman Kardon AVR-525.