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I need to choose the right security system panel to interface with my soon-to-be-started HA system. However, we need the security right away for our new place. Any suggestions? How about the Caddx NetworX NX-8 Panel with NX-584 RS232 Home Automation Module?

Does anyone have some examples of how that would interface with the HA system?

Several members will recommend Elk M-1, but I have no experience with it to share.

However, I have a Caddx NX-8E (has the NX-584 built-in) and I've been very pleased. Alarm works as expected, and integrating it to my HomeVision Pro setup has been quite easy and offers lots of functionality.
I am in the process of installing the Elk M1 EZ8 (baby brother of the M1Gold), and the panel is incredible. Support from Elk has been really great as well, and you can't beat how much bang it delivers for the buck. While the Caddx system is really nice as well (and was the prefered system until the Elk came along), several Caddx owners would love to trade theirs in for an Elk M1G (or already have).

Also keep in mind that the Elk M1G supports X10 AND UPB, and will be supporting more protocols soon (Z-wave hardware is in the works already if I am not mistaken).
;) The M1 is a totally integrated security and home automation controller including voice, Rule programming, hvac control, access control, lighting control, and ethernet interface option with web server. There is a plugin for HomeSeer, Main Lobby, and more 3rd party interfaces.

Elk Products, Inc. for information on the M1.
Does the M1 allow for IR control? If I remember right, it doesn't, which is one reason I chose HVPro with Caddx.
No Elk doesn't do IR.

But David said if enough people request it its possible.

I'm slowly adding/installing to my Elk m1g.

The recent price drop is really great.
Can the Elk M1 do IR if it is connected via serial port to a JDS IR expander? It seems like it should based on this description at JDS Technologies :

In Serial mode, the IR-XP2 connects directly to a serial (RS-232) port. It can be operated from any computer or device capable of sending/receiving ASCII commands via RS-232. This provides an open platform for incorporating custom software and adding IR control to any system that supports ASCII.
That's funny you ask, we were talking in the chat room about what existing hardware we could use to support IR, and this is a great example. How much does the IR-XP2 run for?
It really all depends on how versatile you want your system. Will you keep adding to it in the future? Do you want to integrate the security monitoring with home automation capability (voice announcement, motion detector, garage door monitoring for triggering lighting, etc...) or do you want "just" basic security and notification say from Homeseer if something alarms?

If you want to expand your system and incorporate HA needs with versatile logic scenarios, then the Elk is the way to go.

If you want just a basic security panel and nothing else, then go with the Caddx.
BraveSirRobbin said:
If you want just a basic security panel and nothing else, then go with the Caddx.
... unless you want to add-on a stand-alone HA system such as Stargate, HomeVision Pro, etc.

My Caddx/HVPro combo gives all the flexibility and power (and then some) of M1. The two are integrated via serial port and HVPro knows immediately everything going on in the Caddx system.
I'm not familiar with HVPro. Is this a standalone configuration that DOES NOT require a computer to run (such as the M1 or Ocelot)?
You can add a Global Cache for IR control to your ELK M1 if you are using MainLobby and MainLobby Server.

You could then assign commands even on the ELK keypad to trigger IR commands or when certain events take place.
Can the Elk M1 do IR if it is connected via serial port to a JDS IR expander?

Research that one before you jump.

I know that when I was researching Stargate for my own home several years ago, there was a LOT of complaining about the IR expander being flaky. I don't recall if it was the original expander or the XP2, so we might be talking about completely different units. Also, Jeff Stein has a reputation of being very responsive to his customers, so I would hope any problems have been fixed by now. However a small bit of research on your part is warranted.