Boast about the size of your installation


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I have,

36 Z-wave switches/modules.

5 - x10 type modules.

I my house x10 would not run at all, tried everything repeaters/filters etc. Too much other equipment in the house.

Z-wave has given me ~99 percent reliability, for over a year with most.

Recently I have been experiencing 10 second or so delays, but the commands still fire everytime without fail ( just delayed ). :rolleyes:

I think its due to a bad module somewhere in the house and I haven't had time to track it down. We have had several severe thunderstorms recently.



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WayneW said:
...simply post info about what technology you are using, how many of what type of modules you are using, what interface you are using and if you think it is 100% reliable...
We have a number of test homes using automation products from various vendors, but if you're looking to boast, how about this:

Technology: Z-Wave

How many of what types of modules: [ACT HomePro, Intermatic, RCS]
200 Z-Wave light switches
15 Z-Wave plug-in modules
5 Z-Wave thermostats
2 Z-Wave controllers (one handheld, one USB)

Plus, just for testing, we have 10 other devices to bring it up to the Z-Wave limit of 232 devices per network. Plus an extra one, to make sure nothing bad happens when we hit 233. And this is in a home comprised of three isolated buildings, with Z-Wave hopping between the buildings.

ACT USB Z-Wave interface, powered by ControlThink ThinkBox 100.

At- or near-100%; we'll actually be publishing the results of our agressive testing soon.



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ChrisWalker said:
. . . we have 10 other devices to bring it up to the Z-Wave limit of 232 devices per network.
232 devices? That's less than X10 ! :eek:

just kidding . . . :rolleyes: