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'bout ready to call it quits


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Did Disk Director give you any clues what it was really fixing? Did it take long for DD to do the actual fix? I am glad that DD was able to help you, but I would love to know what it can do that others cannot. I would speculate that it was MBR related and I didn't think that the MBR was that tricky to fix.


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It never said what was worng other than the partitions had been erased. On startup, it did give errors reading sector 0 of the drive in question.

What lead me towards an Acronis product, was, when using E's CD, the ONLY program that could access the HDD was Acronis Disk Editor.

I even went to Maxtor.com (the drive's manufacturer) and downladed their software and it didn't work. (it would encounter an error and restart).

What's funny, is everything I tried could SEE the HDD (drive0), but NONE of them could access it.

A neat thing about the Acronis Disk Director suite, is the bootable CD version has ALL the capabilites of the window's version. So I have since unistalled it from the PC I created the boot CD on and will just keep the CD handy to use on ANY PC that needs help.

The software can also create/resize partitions without losing data, so that could be a useful feature in the future.

Everything is working fine now. I even ran chkdsk (on reboot) and it reported 0 errors.


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I finaly had time to pull the HDD out of the viewpad. I can't access it for more that a dew seconds through my USB 2 ext HD case, so it must be pretty bad off. It is now sitting inthe freezer, hopefully I can get some stuff off of it (really just need the Cinemar directory and subs, nothing else has changes since the last image).

Good news is, I went to Seagate and the drive (although I just got t 2 months ago) is under warranty until December 14th, so they gave me an RMA. After I finish my freezer trick, I'll box 'er up and ship 'er out. Probably won't complete the send it out, get a new one back cycle until I get back from my Christmas trip - I hope this doesn't mean that the new HDD will be sitting on my front porch for that whole time. Perhaps Ishoud expedite getting the old one out of here so the new one wil arrive before i leave.