Brightspeech voices available, kind of ...

Textaloud is 'only' $30, but that still won't explain if it will work with other applications as long as Textaloud is installed/running.
I have been using TextAloud for many years to create custom .wav files for announcements. (I prefer to tweak each announcement for better pronunciation instead of depending on raw TTS output). I have purchased all of my AT&T voices from NextUp and as far as I know there are no special versions of voices for TextAloud. I think the purchase requirement/bundling is what permits them to sell the voices at the prices they do. In fact, I don't think they authorized to sell voices at all except as part of a product bundle.
We all went through this friendly debate a year or so ago. Ended up just being a matter of taste. My personal choice is heather. Was going to buy till HST kinda flopped on the package deal.

No Flaming Rupp....
The Brightspeech voices come with a License manager, so I do believe the fact that they won't run without Text Aloud. I really hope we can get these!
The answer I got was YES the voices will work fine with other apps as long as Text Aloud is running.
Skibum said:
Do you have Heather? Can you use the voice without running Text Aloud?

I don't have Heather but now I want her! I don't have another TTS app (unless there is something built into XP?) so I don't know how to test the voices without TextAloud.

***EDIT - just tried using AT&T Anjali voice from the speach bar in Word. TextAloud was not running and it worked fine. Still that's no guarantee about Heather.
the AT&T engine doesn't have the same licensing scheme. Heather does sound really awesome, I still have the trial installer here (works for 30 days, no restrictions, no other software needed), I might put it online if there is an interest for it.
I just ordered Heather and got a message that there will be a delay of up to 12 hours before they send the download link. Apparently these voices aren't in the automatic delivery system yet and I have to wait for a live body to email the link to me.
Yep, same here. Just ordered Heather with TextAloud for $49.95.

Sure have missed you Heather! :D
The answer I got was YES the voices will work fine with other apps as long as Text Aloud is running.

What does 'as long as Text Aloud is running' mean actually? If it means that some application needs to be running, then they would be useless for any service based speech when no one is logged in, the usual state for a back end automation server.