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Dealer PC Access new version issue


I'm assuming the old computer and the new computer need to have the same security stamp in order to read the file?
The security stamp is only used for the software and for dealers that had multiple configurations with PCA.  I have never used one here for multiple configurations.
If you still have the keys / IP of your panel then install PCA new.  
Set up a new configuration for your panel using the IP and keys for your panel.
Connect to your panel and download the configuration.
Edit the areas for text and then save it as a new configuration.
Connect to your panel via a serial connection and do the same as above.  Do not use passwords and change the default password "password" to blank.
PCA works fine on Windows XP (or XPE) to Windows 11.
Here installed it on a Windows 2016 server and utilize RDP to it via my Linux computers.


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Hi.  I am also running Windows 7 and have the same error.  I clicked on the PCA link (above) and unfortunately there was nothing there to download.  Would you please be able to share this version again.  Would be very much appreciated.  Thanks


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Thanks very much, however, PC Access still isn't working with Windows 7.  I still get the same error message "PC Access has stopped working".  Do you know of a fix or do I need to update my OS