Diginet remote viewing


I'm helping a friend who owns his own liquor store, he has a diginet system currently installed and just activated his dsl. At his home, he has a DSL connection as well so he's wanting to do the obvious and make the diginet system broadcast to his home pc. I have enabled the lan settings in the diginet software, and hooked the system into a router with the other pc in the store. Now my question is how in the hell do I get this to work right? I can ping the DVR system from the other pc, but if I try to navigate to the DVR system by it's ip address (assuming it will use port 80 and open up the cameras in web view as I would be at his home) but I get nothing! I disabled the firewall on the router, and made the DVR system the DMZ zone. What am I missing here guys? I have already registered a dyndns account, but since it goes to the ip of the modem WAN im not sure how to point it to the DVR system. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

port 8080 needs to be FORWARDED to the machine running DigiNet. And you will be connecting with with DigiNet SITE and of course Site Location, IP and 4-digit password must all match.

Have you tried to use ip address directly? It works for me in all my installation.

Beside that have you tried to disable or create exception on required ports internal XP firewall. Ports required were 80, 8080, 8081, 8083, 8084, 8085, 8090..

And one more thing... have you done port forwarding - but I don't think this is the necessary thing to do if you are accessing it from LAN.
Some ISP's block port 80 (they don't want you hosting web pages). If you redirect it to another port that might work. You could try to test this if you have xp pro and setup a basic web site using IIS (no functionality just to have a page hosted).

You would then be able to see that on the LAN, but not from the internet. You could then change the port to something obscure and test again. If you now get the page it is your isp.

Hope this helps. Now if you can't change ports on the unit this may not help. There are services to get around this TZO has one, but it is a paid service.
Thanks guys, this is what I was looking for. I will be forwarding the suggested port ranges and try again. This is a Win98 DVR (yes ughhh) but I will try the suggested and repost my results. But for the diginet center program to connect with, can I download that somewhere? I was unaware of a client that would be required but I would def need diginet site client to remote to my dvr across the net. And if the IP must match what I have defined, can I cheat and use a dyndns acct bc my IP on dsl will be dynamic?

Thanks again
**update** okay, first I would like to thank all on cocoontech for the replys. You all have been extremley helpful with this dvr solution! I now have my cameras online and working great! From my other thread I downloaded the Diginet Client, forwarded the port 8080 to my pc and got a static IP from my ISP. This thing is great! Thanks again to all for your help.