Free copy of Linspire, expires Sept 6th

Thanks for the heads-up, Wayne.

I am number 1033 in line for the download. :blink:
Or fire up a BitTorrent client like Azureus and get it quick & easy and help others. :blink:
1) Two of my servers are getting old. When I replace them, I will replace them with Linux machines. Though they won't be running Linspire, this is my opportunity to get more familiar with Linux.

2) My phone system is also old. I intend to replace it with an Asterix system. Again, maybe not Linspire.

3) I need to build a Media PC eventually. Linspire is a good candidate for that. It may even share well with Asterix. At that time, I may consider moving my automation over to Linux, also.

Someday, I would like to move the workstation to Linux.

After having spent over $15,000 for Micro$oft software over the years, with no end in sight, I figure there has to be a better way. More than half the price of each workstation I setup now goes for microsoft software.
I keep getting the busy message, been trying for a few days now. I would also recommend taking a look at Ubunutu linux, it's one of the first desktop distros which is newbie friendly, and is very stable.

They also have a live CD, so you don't even have to install it on your HD if you want to evaluate it first. Comes with all the software you would need on a regulat desktop.
I used asterisk@home to get it up and running easily. It has a full Linux install of Centos ver 3 which is based on Redhat. It's free for download and about the easiest to install I've seen so far.