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I attended an HAI training class last year and I just installed a OMNI IIe system
at a customer's house (first time) and had issues with it from the very beginning.
First, the controller was defective (no console response), then the console went out
so they just recently replaced both. Now the console is responding but I'm getting
a message from the console saying "No controller data". I doubled checked the
wiring including the power and it looks good. I also called tech support and we
tested pretty much everything and it still not responding. They now saying that
the board is bad (again) and they want me to deinstall the controller and return
it back to them. My customer is getting a little irate because of all the problems.
I was wondering if someone knows a HAI installer in my area that's familiar with
OMNi IIe that might be able to help me. I'm in the Concord, CA bay area and my customer is in Mill Valley, Ca. My HAI vendor does not seem to know anybody.
Thanks for any help.