HAI Omnipro 2 system - security cameras


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Hi... first post. I recently purchased a home with an HAI omnipro 2 system. Security cameras were installed in 2008 and are not great quality. I can not find a home automation installer in NJ that deals with HAI. I would like to have the cameras upgraded. What cameras are compatitple with the omnipro 2 system? Also, is there a way to view the camera image on a smartphone or ipad device through the HAI system.
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What cameras are compatible with the Omnipro 2 system?
Here mix the old OmniPro CCTV stuff with new IP cameras.
The OmniTouch 5.7/5.7e screens have no issues displaying the IP cameras.  Thinking too that the OmniTouch 7's can display IP cameras just fine.
The above said I would suggest using a friendly CCTV (firmware) box or software DVR box (wintel or Linux) and integrating the IP / HAI stuff to that box.  Phone viewing would be no issue. 
This would leave the security CCTV stuff to it's own box and you could utilize Omnitouch screens to view cams.  Easiest integration.
The old HAI CCTV integration / Omnitouch 5.7 screens would do a pop up video when triggered by whatever sensor you wanted.  That and viewing video was it.
Fast forward to today's HAI CCTV integration is a bit different.  You can view the IP cameras.  There is no pop up video on the Omnitouch 5.7e's and not sure relating to the Omnitouch 7's.  You can though utilize a SIP doorbell with video if you wanted to.
A bit more work and money would be.....
Today utilize Homeseer which connects to my OmniPro panel and ZM DVR.  I can create a custom touchscreen integrating the ZM DVR, OmniPro and other automation this way.  Newest ZMNija client runs fine in Android, iOS and Windows.  This allows me to integration my touchscreen software in Wintel to said client.
If you are not Linux centric or familiar with Linux I would stay away from ZM.  
Most autonomous Linux based CCTV NVRs in firmware are not documented therefore not an easy integration to much of anything.
You can also utilize Blue Iris Wintel software to manage your cameras.