HAI on NBC News


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Pretty neat little piece. The installer is one of our customers. The subdivision is 42 houses. They will all be equipped with HAI panels, video hubs and touchscreens, and UPB lighting.

See it here
Very nice little segment! What software is being used on the plasma?

Wow, I gotta tell ya that software looks an awful lot like cortexa. It's not, at least I dont think it is, but that first screen they show of the security system is the spittin' image of cortexa's security screen.
Many MS Media Center products look very similar, especially if done to MS "standards". If anybody has good screen shots of the two products, it would be interesting to compare them. Then you have to determine which was done first and if there was any "borrowing" or if they were independently done to the same MS Style.


Nitpicking: It isn't on NBC news, it is on KXAS Local News, which happens to be an NBC station. I think Madge getting her loft on TV (HGTV?) was still one of the few National coverages of HA.
Not to sound contrary in light of the previous posts but, I thought that piece was weak sauce. Typical local news fluff. And the "experts" did little to sell the concept. People get excited when the salesmen are excited. They weren't. I predict an increase in DFW HA projects due to that piece somewhere in the range of zero.

And the software was HAI's.
I agree Anthony, I thought the piece was weak. But some exposure is better than no exposure.

The content was limited and did a poor job of the "wow" factor. I too doubt it increased anyones sales. Would have been nice to see a more in depth segment on what HA can REALLY do and what is has to offer. But, better than nothing. Of course HAI is drooling over seeing their name on tv, LOL.