HAI Wireless - signal strength indicator? id a bad sensor?

Logging when the zone goes "Not Ready" would be a good test. You might consider putting a condition in the program to only log when the system is armed so that it doesn’t log during a time when the sensor might normally be tripped.
We are currently looking into what is causing the issue that you reported; however, we do not believe that it is related to the false alarm issue that you initially reported. I’ll let you know what we find.

Scott, I wanted to check back and see if you were ever able to come up with an explanation for why my RSSI values all simultaneously drop to 0 every 5 hours and 6 minutes?
Never heard back from HAI on this question of what causes the RSSI to drop to 0 for all my wireless sensors, but it is still happening. Unfortunately it still happens regularly and causes so much to be spewed to my logs that I had to turn off the additional logging of RSSI values.

Which is unfortunate because..

I had another false alarm occur 10 days ago on a wireless zone. I'm not sure precisely what happened but here's what I know:
- System was armed in AWAY mode
- A wireless zone reported NOT READY triggering a BURGLARY alarm
- System dialed out and informed the central station
- System was not accepting TCP or UDP connections (via digitaldan's iPhone H@me app or PC Access)
- System did accept phone calls (though it was inconsistent. Required several attempts before the HAI would answer the call)

Unfortunately I was out of town so I could not check on the system in person until nearly 24 hours later. The central station dispatched the police, who came and examined the zone in question (garage window) and confirmed it was OK (not tampered with, not open) and chalked the incident up to "unknown cause".

I sent my petsitter to the house the next day, and she disarmed the system. She armed it in AWAY mode after checking on the house and our pets. After she left, I was able to access the system remotely via H@me and PC Access (both TCP and UDP worked just fine). I saw that some of my wireless zones were reporting RSSI values of 0 in PC Access. At this time, I reenabled the existing lines of programming to record the RSSI signal strength for all my wireless zones.

After coming home, I conducted a thorough examination of the zone in question and can't find any reason for the alarm. The magnet and wireless sensor are aligned, there was no evidence of any tampering or 'give' in the window, and the rest of the house checked out OK. The signal strength for the zone has always been a rock-solid 3 (the wireless receiver is less than 10 ft from the sensor, almost directly above in the attic) but per PC Access was 0 reception ~16 hrs after the incident.

At a minimum this looks like a HAI Wireless sensor false alarm, but there hasn't been anything in the operating history of this zone that would have presaged this. I certainly hope there is no fundamental reliability issue with the HAI Wireless system. I'd also like to understand why I couldn't remotely connect to the system. I have to say this was very disconcerting, as when I'm away from home I rely on being able to get remote access to the system to be able to figure out what's going on.

Unfortunately I'm still waiting for HAI support to respond, and confirm whether I've tripped over a known issue. I'd also love to hear that the issue of the RSSI values dropping to 0 has been addressed so I'd have better logging of the signal strength for my wireless zones.

Are folks here having better luck w/ the GE Wireless sensors? Though it would be expensive to have to change them out, if I can't get a reliable HAI Wireless solution in place I may have to start looking at that option.
Does anyone know if something conclusive came from this post.    I was monitoring my system and also got the 5 hr 6 min frequency for RSSI=0 on five wireless zones - Three 57A00-1 window transmitters and two zones on a 46A00-1 door transmitter.     I started monitoring when one of my 57A00-1 produced a false alarm.   
sorry to report: nothing conclusive came of this.  as discussed in this thread, i had HAI replace my wireless receiver and i replaced the wiring between the receiver and the panel--but this had no effect.  
having said that, i haven't had any wireless receiver / wireless zone false alarms in quite a while (years).  i'm not really sure what changed.  but i have assumed (total speculation) that there was some underlying fault in HAI's firmware which was triggered by my automation logic, and that an intervening firmware update and changes to my automation made the issue go away.  the logging volume was so high with the RSSI tracking enabled that i turned it off a long time ago.
your message has piqued my curiosity so i've just enabled my RSSI tracking again, and i'll see if the values all go to 0 at the same time--and if the same regularity exists.
i will say that i'm still pretty unimpressed with the range of the HAI wireless sensors and receiver, and wish i didn't let my installer talk me into getting them instead of the GE ones.  even if the GE range wasn't any better, at least i'd be able to use a repeater.
Thanks for the update js19707.    I have not had any false alarms except the one that caused me to start the logging, back in February of this year.    And like you, the logging fills my event log quickly.  In my case over three or four days.   My 57A00-1 transmitters are about 30' from the receiver, but in the same room - the garage.
I installed the wireless myself about 3 years ago and had connection issues.   I replaced a bad transmitter and bad receiver through HAI - no charge.    I added more sensors last year without issue - till this false alarm.
I'd be interested to see what your RSSI logging shows.
Hi Guys,
I have had the same problem, I contacted HAI tech support and this is that they told me:
"The RSSI indication that he is reporting is an anomaly that occurs in the receiver.  Unless the controller actually reports a trouble condition, ignore the “0” when it occasionally occurs; it is benign.  This is totally and completely unrelated to the purported false alarms.
In regards to the false alarm, check the magnet placement and make sure it is close enough to the area on the transmitter where the reed switch is located"
I hope this can help.
That I did finally was to set my transmitters to "Transmitter is not  supervised" and so far I have not gotten any "0"
The response from HAI to EagerTA makes sense.    Hopefully HAI is fixing the 5hr 6min "0" anomaly on new receiver production.   
My magnets are in proximity of the reed switch, so I know this was not my false alarm issue.    My false alarm in Feb 2013 was very similar to what JS19709 posted on 19-Jan-2010.   System was in "away" mode and called me.   (I don't use a service).
All my transmitters are supervised.   I will look into removing supervision as appropriate.   Thanks for that tip EagerTA.
I found this topic because I been having very similar problems.
I say very similar because I never verified the "5hr 6min" sequence.
Everything worked fine for over 2 years.
About a month ago, one of my wireless sensors began randomly reporting trouble, then clearing itself.
I replaced the batteries, but it didn't make a difference.
I updated the Firmware to 3.11d...let's see how it works.
So much for that...
Had a wireless sensor report trouble yesterday afternoon (alarm was disarmed), then had another report a false trip of the front door this morning at 6:03 (alarm set to night).
Any ideas?
No good Ideas.  Perhaps a battery issue, at least on the sensor that reported trouble?   But I believe you should get a low battery warning first.
I did not remove supervision, and still get the 5hr 6min RSSI "0" mentioned earlier.  But no more false alarms.
I do have an HAI wireless receiver and 4 transmitter, I installed everything last year on that I have 2 IR sensor, one is working proprely, the other one goes by itself about every hours or so, I even place it in my drawer and still it was login as trigger, then I have 2x 46A00-1 that rely solely on the mercury switch and they both give false alarm. now I reset them by removing the bettery and re-installing and now one is ok and the other one is triggering like a lot. here's the log for that sensor:
12/31 0:18
12/31 0:18
12/31 0:19
12/31 0:29
12/31 1:51
12/31 3:12
12/31 4:34
12/31 5:55
12/31 7:17
12/31 8:38
12/31 10:00
12/31 11:21
12/31 12:42
12/31 13:07
12/31 13:29
12/31 13:29
12/31 13:30
12/31 13:36
12/31 13:37
12/31 14:11
12/31 16:33
they do that every 3 month or so they start going crazy, usualy after I reset them they are ok... I just don't understant what cause that and I am very afraid of moving theses sensor from Auxilary to Security. After reading the post here, I will try to look on my RSSI and I will do some battery test.