home automation mega poll, part II

TonyNo said:
So, if I use a CM11A driven by software on my PC, which one would be the primary for the purposes of this poll? :huh:
If your CM11A is executing scheduled events without depending on PC software, then you select CM11A. If you are using it as a dumb X10 interface, then it would fall under PC based.
Guy Lavoie said:
I'm surprised at how many are using the Elk M1 as their primary controller. I'm guessing that the main reason is because of its support for all the new device automation protocols, one of the very few hardware controllers to do that.

I'm an Ocelot user myself (as most people already know).

I have less than 25% of my stuff on the ocelot, and it would be much greater than that if appdig would have supported Z-Wave.

Of course I would have to learn cmax a little better then... :huh:

I have been considering switching to mostly the elk m1 gold.

Its just that the IF/THEN instruction set of the M1 is still so limited. I would find it hard to code some of the fancy conditional logic that I use in the Ocelot. The real allure of the M1 is that you're getting both an alarm panel and a hardware controller in one package, so the "integration" between the two functions is as close as it can be. The multi-protocol support is also very attractive. That's why I got an M1 to add to my Ocelot based setup. The two will make for an unbeatable combination of hardware controllers.