KP2 and Prox Sensor


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Well I just added an elk external prox sensor to a Kp2 installation. It is pretty cool. I think this was noted when it was first announced, but a prox-sensor friendly recessed back plate would be ideal.

I got it in but I did need to make some modifications to the box. The sensor wound up being horizontal on the top half of the box, and the wiring down below. I had to cut off some of the mounting holes.

The other thing I noticed was that the cards seem to have a larger range than the fob.
The antenna is larger on the cards than the keyfob, therefore some more read range. Range is a function of reader size, power output, and card antenna size. Size does matter!

The ELK Prox Reader happens to fit behind the recessed mount KP2 by chance not design. A prox designed backbox would be nicer.
Thank you. Both items make sense.

I must admit I must have armed/disarmed the system over a dozen times playing with it last night.