New ELKRM Update

I have Elk RM also running on my PDA (x50v) in VGA mode, and on my main desktop PC. You don't need a PC at all to run the TS07, which is what makes it such a great solution.

I want the good TTS voice as well, but I think PH can do announcements as well, so you could probably use that. The phone stuff is something I am interested in as well, but I will probably use something like Asterisk.

You are more than welcome to stop by and come play with the TS07 if you want to take a closer look at it :)
Thanks for the offer. My work for HP has me down in their Liverpool office 1 or 2 days per week. is that anywhere near you?
What I would really like is a shallow box with a slight slant to the top so I could mount a TS07 in it and set it on my desk. Would make a cool looking desktop control!
I just purchased the RM software, While I wait for mt software Key I am trying the Demo. I can't get the software to connect thru my Firewall. I have opened port and still nothing.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks Ben
You really don't want to expose the insecure port to the internet. You said you opened the port, does that mean you added a firewall rule, or did you forward the port?
I now see that that port in not secure so I closed it. Does Elk have plans to create a ssl link so we can use RM outside the firewall?